Interested In Starting a Martial Art

Aikido is an ideal art for the beginner as it contains many different disciplines. These include sword techniques, wooden weapons training and ‘empty hand’ defence arts, which also incorporates many defence techniques against knife attacks.

How to start

Just come along to one of our classes you can just watch the session or you can join in. If you wish to participate in a session you will need to bring along some loose fitting clothing, such as a t-shirt and shorts or tracksuit bottoms. If you prefer we do run specialised beginners courses which are held throughout the year. Check out our calendar for further details.

What will I need/Costs

If you decide to continue with your training you will need to purchase a Judo or Karate suit. This can cost between £20 and £30. You may also wish to purchase a Bokken – wooden sword, and a Jo – wooden staff. These cost £10 each. You will also need to join The International Martial Arts Federation (IMAF) at a cost of £10 for a year.  If you wish to progress via grading this will cost you an additional  fee of between £2 and £10 depending on the level attained


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