About Us

The Kuraikan Aikido Dojo was established in 1978 in Wrekenton by Doug Mason. The Dojo then moved to Herrington Burn and again to Belmont before finally settling in Chester - Le – Street. Doug began Aikido in 1967 studying under the Japanese masters Chiba Sensei and Kanetsuka Sensei. He gained 2nd Dan from Tamura Sensei and later 3rd Dan from Sensei Michael Narey.

The Dojo has a friendly atmosphere, superb facilities and helpful, obliging staff. We welcome everyone who upholds the spirit of Aikido and we work together to develop the basic skills (kihon) of Aikido, which we apply in self defence.

The club is currently affiliated to the International Martial Arts Federation (IMAF) Europe.

Founder and head instructor

Doug Mason

Doug Mason 5th dan

Began Aikido in 1967. Studied under Chiba Sensei, Kanetsutea Sensei and later Tamura Sensei and gained nidan in 1987 from Tamura Sensei and Michael Narey Sensei. And again in 1991 gained sandan from Michael Narey Sensei.

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